mommy heartbreak

It’s a gloomy Thursday and because there’s no school today Sadie is keeping me from doing serious work done – well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Haha! The rain always makes me a little sad but on second thought, I’ve been feeling the blues for about a week now. I can’t quite … Continue reading

happy halloween!

it’s been ages since i last posted something here. 🙂 it surprises me that some kind souls still drop by from time to time. the little tyrant is sick as i’m typing this – fever, sore throat (from too much sweets, i’m guessing), cough, and colds! and the mommy’s dead-tired from staying up all night … Continue reading

toys, toys, and more toys!

when Sadie was still a baby, my husband and i thought she’s not gonna grow up with lots of toys since both of us weren’t fond of toys to begin with. but what do you know, she has amassed four crates of toys excluding the stuffed ones! and we live in a small two-bedroom house! … Continue reading

loving the sun and the sea, hating the sand!

it’s been a while since i last updated this blog. it’s tough juggling my work-at-home-job and mommy duties – especially now that we’re yayaless again. yes, the yaya has left. actually, she’s supposed to leave come may because she will go back to school. but after leaving for a supposed 3-day holy week break, she … Continue reading


the holidays are over and Sadie’s closet is brimming – mommy’s not complaining, i’m just trying to figure out a way to sort her clothes. you know, which ones can be worn now, which ones are to be kept, and more importantly, which ones fit her style. yes, my tiny tyrant has a certain “style” … Continue reading

what i fear the most just happened…

since she turned three months, Sadie has been taken care of by a nanny–but since i work at home, i get to oversee everything. and since i’m pretty much hands-on when it comes to taking care of my kid,  the nanny’s work is really just  to assist me and look after my daughter when i’m … Continue reading

quiero sustituir la niñera…

because Sadie doesn’t like her. no, make that she hates her. she’s been with us for a week now and Sadie hasn’t warmed up to her, which is surprising considering how friendly my little girl is. since she arrived, Sadie has also taken the habit of pinching her, yelling at her, and pulling her clothes! … Continue reading

yaya blues: how do we say goodbye?

come June we will no longer have ate airene with us. i’m having separation anxiety–i get sad just thinking about it. i’m sure it’ll break Sadie’s heart. my tiny princess adores her nanny and i know she’s gonna miss her. but we can’t do anything about it anymore. i’ve negotiated with her husband, offered her … Continue reading



march was rough so i didn’t get to blog–Sadie got sick of amoebiasis a few days after we hit the pool. it took almost a week and a half to get her in the pink of health again. thankfully, all is well now and here i am, prouder as ever, wanting to share to the … Continue reading

my other baby…

…is now a lady. and soon i have to contend with boys! i guess i’ll be more protective of her than her mom and dad. i swear, if somebody breaks his heart i’ll go ballistic. why do kids have to grow up so fast?    

slips and falls

as i’ve said before, Sadie learned to walk unsupported before she even tuned one. but until now, i just CAN’T LET GO of her hand. mommy is a big sissy. when i’m not around, they let her set off and explore on her own provided someone’s at her back, ready to catch her should she … Continue reading

little foodie

i have a hearty eater right here. i dunno if there’s any truth to it but i’d like to believe Sadie’s not a picky eater because she didn’t start out with instant baby food. no gerber, no cerelac. her first food was brown rice cereal MADE BY MOMMY. hahaha! i got bragging rights, right? kidding … Continue reading


she hated the idea of me getting pregnant. she swore to high heavens that she wouldn’t even look at the ‘baby’. she threatened to strangle her when she comes out (yeah, that gave me the shudders). but i knew everything would change once she’s out. and from the first time she laid her eyes on … Continue reading