handy mommy tool for the day: the hair dryer

that sweet smile can't dry the spots away, can it?

Sadie becomes a little squeamish when she needs a diaper change and she has a tendency to wet our bed right after I pull the soiled nappy and just before I could slide a fresh one under her. So my ally has always been the changing pad BUT sometimes, it’s too much of an effort to reach for it, or worse, look for it when it’s nowhere near me. That said, our bed sheets often need changing. But since I don’t usually have the luxury of time to change it pronto each time she wets it (sometimes she spills water on our bed, too), I’m glad I discovered a handy aid! The hair dryer! I just plug it in and dry the wet spots away. Sweet convenience–saves me the hassle of changing the sheets right away–BUT of course, I still change ’em before we hit the sack at night.


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