Daddy’s Girl

shhhhh...don't wake the tiger.

When my OB exclaimed that our tiny tigress took after her dad the moment she pulled her out of my womb, I knew she’s gonna be a daddy’s girl.

Back when she was in her first trimester and we were still staying at my nanay’s house in Ermita, she would only see her dad on Wednesdays and during weekends. To say that a baby below three months knows the notion of ‘missing someone’ might sound crazy, but not our little Sadie.  She behaves well the entire week–except during daddy’s Wednesday visits. She would wail, refuse to sleep, and just play ‘difficult’ just so her dad would carry her the whole time he’s with us. Weekends were no different. Her dad usually arrives ‘home’ on Friday nights, when he fails to show up and decide to go there on a Saturday instead, Sadie would throw a fit. Yes, a fit–the whole shebang–wailing, whimpering.

When she turned three months and we finally got a nanny, we moved to our house in QC and from then on, there’s no stopping her from becoming you guessed it right, a true-blue Daddy’s girl.

Who do you love, mommy or daddy? She points to daddy. When she sees her daddy, she would stop nursing even when she was famished. She hands toys to daddy, makes ‘lambing’ more to him than to me.

And when she finally started talking, it was no surprise that her first word was ‘dada’. Now it’s a very pronounced and deliberate, ‘Daddy.”

Me? I was ‘dede’ first, then ‘mam-mam’. It’s only now that she calls me ‘mommy’.

Now we have a little problem at nighttime. Evenings for her are Sadie-Daddy playtime. Never mind if her dad could barely keep his eyes open thanks to the bumped sked due to CJC’s impeachment trial. She has to play with daddy.

After their routine horsing around-reading a book-rocking their hearts out-dancing, she wouldn’t sleep unless daddy’s beside her.

My husband says, ‘yaan mo na, nakakaalis naman ng pagod.’ But I know their evening daddy-Sadie session is taking its toll on him. He snores like there’s no tomorrow!

But I couldn’t complain. Seeing them peacefully asleep tells me they’re just fine. We’re just fine.


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