villain no.1

For the past 12 months, we never really had problems giving Sadie her meds– you know, the usual multivitamins, vitamin C, and the occasional colds and cough drops. Lately however, she started freaking out each time we try to get her to take them. Before, gentle nudging does the work, ‘Daddy, di ba Sadie needs to take her vitamins no?’ Or sometimes, ‘Daddy said, Sadie you have to take your vitamins.” She used to be so easy. When she has colds all her dad needs to say is, ‘Ay, gagaling na ‘yan…” and she would relent. But now, she kicks and cries and screams at the sight of her vitamin bottles! And if you know my little tigress, you know that crying and screaming and kicking is, uh, an understatement.

We’ve tried pretending to take the meds ourselves so she would think it tastes good but it just won’t work. We’ve tried the teaspoon, the dropper, the cup, still won’t work. Bribes? They don’t work either. Hell, we even got Jesus as an accomplice, “Jesus loves those who take their medicines.” And what do you know, for a while it worked! But now, she just looks at the altar and brings her hands together to ‘pray’ while dodging our attempts to feed her the meds.

Even her ‘siblings’, Oink-oink, Doglass, and Ina (my nonliving friends) take the meds just to show her that it’s ‘cool’ to take them but to no avail.

So now I just let her wail. I don’t even stress about it anymore. I give her the meds, she does her drama, I wipe her face, she stops, we’re good.


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