villain no. 2: lola doctor

at birth, Sadie weighed 4.5 lbs! yes, that tiny. and no, she’s not a preemie. prior to giving birth, we were already told that she’s gonna be uhm, not that big, so my OB and i decided it’s better to get a pediatrician who specializes in low birth weight  babies. since i don’t really know any pediatrician from the hospital i gave birth at, my OB suggested somebody who’s said to be ‘very experienced’. and we met lolo doctor. lolo because well, he’s about 60 or older. he has a very commanding presence but is surprisingly gentle and ‘malambing’ with Sadie. i immediately liked him. but after three months, we moved to qc and we thought it best to transfer to another pedia who’s nearer our place of residence. and what do you know–we left lolo doctor for a LOLA doctor!

dr. glory is 72 years old and walks with a cane! but she’s really good. and why wouldn’t she be? she has 50 years of experience treating kids of all ages!

during our first few visits, Sadie seemed at ease with her but when we started seeing her for scheduled vaccinations, uh-oh, the crying spree at the sight of lola doctor began! it doesn’t matter if Sadie haven’t seen her for like, a month, or two–she remembers her! and no, not fondly at all! she sees lola doctor as the syringe-toting villain out to ruin her life!

every time we’re at her clinic, Sadie gives her dagger looks but lola doctor shrugs it off and playfully sniggers at her. and just today, she gave Sadie a toy to make her feel at ease. but guess what my tigress did? she refused it! i kept telling her how nice the pink seahorse is, but no, ‘not from that villain, mommy!’

but after lola doctor finally gave her the shot, Sadie stopped wailing, wiped her snot, looked at lola doctor intently, and took the toy. ha! Sadie must have said to herself, ‘i’m taking this! you hurt me so i’m taking this!’

we’re seeing lola doctor again on the 27th of february and this early, i’m wondering what it’s gonna be like.



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