she hated the idea of me getting pregnant. she swore to high heavens that she wouldn’t even look at the ‘baby’. she threatened to strangle her when she comes out (yeah, that gave me the shudders). but i knew everything would change once she’s out. and from the first time she laid her eyes on her, i knew it was love at first sight. and now, they are simply inseparable. one always pines for the other. they have this bond that puzzles me sometimes.

Sadie gets fussy when she’s being smothered with kisses by others, but not by ate. she doesn’t mind mommy’s absence when ate’s around. she eats what ate eats, sings when ate sings, dances when ate dances. she looks up to her. when she’s having tantrums, all i have to do is pick up the phone and call ate. she smiles at the sound of her voice, she lights up when she sees her pictures.

they may be 13  years apart but i know they’ll ‘grow up’ looking after each other.

my chingan and my potty…i love them to bits.

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