slips and falls

as i’ve said before, Sadie learned to walk unsupported before she even tuned one. but until now, i just CAN’T LET GO of her hand. mommy is a big sissy.

when i’m not around, they let her set off and explore on her own provided someone’s at her back, ready to catch her should she fall.

last saturday in tagaytay, they let her walk freely on the grass at the organic farm, and guess what? she fell and hit her left cheek! naturally, i was on panic mode. i accosted the nanny for leaving her with chingan and pex. she cried so hard it broke my heart. after a few moments of kisses and hugs, she was fine again, raring to run anew. i could only sigh.

then yesterday, she slipped twice and almost hit her head on the hard floor! the first time, her lolo was able to catch her and she only cried because i yelled in panic–she wasn’t really hurt.  the second time, i was busy working so i didn’t see what really transpired. i just heard her crying so loud that i ran down the stairs and grabbed her from the nanny. her face was a little red, but again, it was something my kisses could cure.

my husband said it’s all part of growing up. that i need to let her experience slips and falls if only to teach her not to be too naughty and stubborn, and so she could learn the concept of pain and how to avoid inflicting it on herself.

but my Sadie is just 13 months old. in my eyes, she’s as fragile as glass, and no matter how brave she seems, she is not unbreakable.

i know that cowardice on my part will not get us anywhere, and that if i continue holding on to her dainty little hands and refusing to let go, i’ll be hampering her growth.

i realized now that i’m not that brave after all.

but for the sake of my little tigress, i need to LET GO.

as i type this, she’s walking back and forth behind me. unsupported.

be still, my heart.







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