march was rough so i didn’t get to blog–Sadie got sick of amoebiasis a few days after we hit the pool. it took almost a week and a half to get her in the pink of health again. thankfully, all is well now and here i am, prouder as ever, wanting to share to the world my tiny princess’ little triumphs.

so the walking wings is gone–i’ve finally conceded. my toddler roams the malls and the streets unsupported, with her nanny or whoever is with her a comfortable distance away. she relishes her freedom, realizing what those tiny feet are for, jumping, running.

then of course the words. i have a little talker here. based on online milestone charts, a 16-month-old can speak an average of 7 words. she’s 10 days shy of 16 months and she can utter these words with ease: mommy, daddy, ate, mama (for mama carl, her aunt), mamba (her cousin’s name), ball, baby, tatay (her uncle, my kuya), mamam (water, breast milk, anything she drinks), nanay (my nanay, her lola), baba (going down), labas (outside), alis (go out), ayay (ouch, it hurts), yumyum (when she finds something delicious), yes, and banana. that’s more than seven words! and to top it all, when you ask her what her name is, she answers: Sadie!

and just this week, she amazed us again because she has ditched being spoonfed! yes, she now eats by herself and with so little mess at that! drinking from a cup, she has learned months and months ago. she also brushes her teeth, throws garbage in the bin, hands her dad his things, identifies body parts (head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose and belly button! and oh, she “reads” as well–she can tell you who millie the mermaid is, who jack and jill are, where humpty dumpty is. she stacks well, and sometimes she makes chamba fitting shapes into their corresponding holes in the sorter.

tell her to smile and she would, ever so sweetly. tell her to pose and she does odd poses. she sings, she dances, and plays with my laptop. just now she’s happily scribbling on the floor.

i can go on and on telling you every little milestone she has reached, that’s how proud i am of my little Samantha Indira. Witnessing my tiny princess blossom into an amazing toddler is an everyday blessing.


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