quiero sustituir la niñera…

because Sadie doesn’t like her. no, make that she hates her. she’s been with us for a week now and Sadie hasn’t warmed up to her, which is surprising considering how friendly my little girl is.

since she arrived, Sadie has also taken the habit of pinching her, yelling at her, and pulling her clothes! she has never exhibited that kind of violence before. i’m really worried now.

my nanay said she’s worried that the aversion might be stemming from something serious–like, she has hurt my toddler and that Sadie is just retaliating.

when we ask her, “do you love ate imee?” she shakes her head. and she nods everytime we ask, “do you want her to leave?”

how an 18-month-old can despise someone that much is beyond me.



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