what i fear the most just happened…

since she turned three months, Sadie has been taken care of by a nanny–but since i work at home, i get to oversee everything. and since i’m pretty much hands-on when it comes to taking care of my kid,  the nanny’s work is really just  to assist me and look after my daughter when i’m busy working or when i need to attend to something really important.

her last nanny, airene, was the best we ever had (she’s had two  nannies prior). she’s a mother of five so we’re lucky because she already know how to deal with a baby. with her, everything was easy–magaan kasama. i didn’t even need to tell her what to do. she knows her wa around the house and she knows how to take care of Sadie, parang second nanay. so it deeply saddened everyone when she left us–i even wrote about it here.

two weeks after airene left, she came back with her replacement–a 16-year-old high school grad. naturally, we were kinda apprehensive because we weren’t sure if she’s capable of taking care of a toddler. true enough, her first week with us was pretty rough. i even thought of immediately finding a replacement. but since it was really hard to get a nanny these days, we decided to keep her, hoping that with proper training, we can turn her into another airene.

while it’s pretty unfair to compare, i couldn’t help it. while airene was really responsible and affectionate, this one was bordering on indifferent. i would catch her intently watching tv while her ward is busy stuffing her mouth with trinkets! i have also prohited her from using her cellphone while she’s watching over Sadie, but she just couldn’t take her hands off her phone!

Sadie’s clothes and stuffed toys, which airene used to keep pristine, all look soiled now. but she’s 16 and she’s new, so i always tell myself to be a little more patient.

then it happened. yesterday, while i was busy working, she took Sadie outside without my consent then came back with Sadie screaming in tears. i asked the nanny what happened. “di ko po alam, ate.” i told her sadie won’t cry unless she got hurt. she maintained that she didn’t know. “gusto lang po kasi magpababa sa kalsada.” i didn’t buy it so i checked on Sadie. she has a deep scratch on her back which was somewhat inflamed, a bruise on her left arm, and a little wound on her right hand’s pinky finger. i went ballistic and raised my voice. she flaked. “BAKA po ate nagasgas malapit sa may gulong ni fletch (our car)…” i couldn’t believe what i heard. BAKA? she wasn’t sure what happened to her ward? i got really mad that i told her she better tell me what really happened or she’s not gonna like what i’m capable of doing. she said, “kasi po ate nagasgas ‘yan po dun sa may gulong kasi ang kulit nya umiiyak nagpapakuha ng bulaklak. inaabot ko po yung bulaklak SIGURO po tumama sya dun.” again, she was pretending to be fucking unsure of what transpired! i told her she must have been using her cellphone and she vehemently denied.

i almost lost it. i was sooooooo itching to fire her but my husband, mr. cool was against it. he scolded her and told her not to take sadie outside unless they’re accompanied by him or her grandparents.

i reprimanded her again today and she seemed remorseful. but i can’t get over it. i don’t know if i can trust her to look after Sadie without somebody else around to keep an eye on her.


4 thoughts on “what i fear the most just happened…

  1. Go with your intuition. If you feel that your child is not safe, then got your child out of that situation. It’s a nannies responsibility to make sure the children in her care are always safe! I don’t get how she didn’t know what happened! You should be able to trust your nanny and it sounds like you can’t trust yours.
    I once had a toddler in my care fall when he was just learning to walk. Falling is inevitable at that stage but I would always try to catch him. There was once instance that he fell and hit his face just right to get a large red spot. I immediately sent his mother a picture and explained what happened. There was never a bump or scratch that I couldn’t account for on him,his brothers, or their cousin. As a nanny it was my responsibility to know what was happening 100% of the time and report any issues to the parents.

  2. Oh no 😦 I don’t think I would be at peace knowing an unfocused and lying maid is watching over my baby 😦 Sorry not to make gatong. But that’s really hard 😦 At least nalang sana she learned from her mistake and make sure never to do it again. Even though my present and previous maids were okay, I never leave them alone sa house. I would take her and my baby to my dad’s house which is fortunately in the same village. Just to make sure someone is watching over them.

    I wish the Philippines had professional nannies to hire. I know in the states they have to have a certain child something degree and a lot of nanny experience to be qualified.

    • thanks, for dropping by, rina. i’m an avid reader of the pickiest eater in the world and rina’s rainbow. 🙂 yes, it’s a nightmare to have negligent yayas. i never leave my child alone with the yaya rin but i can’t naman watch over them all the time. ang sad lang is, yung few times na di ako nakatingin, dun pa may nangyayari sa baby ko. the yaya in this blog entry has left na. the one i have now mejo okay and mas hardworking. she drives me nuts lang with her kaartehan – ayaw mautusan sa labas ng bahay kasi mainit daw! feeling matutunaw sya because of all the whitening products she uses.

      • Wow hanep ah! Pwede naman mag payong di ba? hehehe 🙂 Anyway I hope you’re little one’s scratches and bruises are getting better. I can only imagine what happened talaga to Sadie. She’s lying for sure.She lied na by saying “gusto lang magpababa” yun pala may scratches na 😦

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