loving the sun and the sea, hating the sand!

it’s been a while since i last updated this blog. it’s tough juggling my work-at-home-job and mommy duties – especially now that we’re yayaless again. yes, the yaya has left. actually, she’s supposed to leave come may because she will go back to school. but after leaving for a supposed 3-day holy week break, she didn’t come back (well, she did – to get her things last monday). i guess it’s all for the better. her presence just stressed me out anyway.

so, we went to boracay for a four-day vacation during the holy week. it was Sadie’s first time to ride the plane and thankfully, she did well! yey! no tantrums, no air sickness! she flew like a pro!


since we’re hitting the beach, we bought Sadie different swimsuits because i was so sure she’d love the beach to bits.


we were wrong! sure, she loved the water (although the lumot wasn’t exactly enticing). she gushed at how big the ‘miming pool’ is – thinking that the sea is one vast swimming pool. BUT she wouldn’t let her toes touch the sand! ‘mommy, yuck ‘diri! bigas!’ i could only scratch my head! what two-year-old hates the sand?!

here she is, armed with her sand paraphernalia which she didn’t get to use!


so half the time, we had to take turns carrying her. and, what puzzles me to date is that, the long walks on the beach seem to lull her to sleep! it happened on more than one occasion – we were walking to a nice lumot-less spot for a swim, her in my arms, then voila! she’s asleep! so we had no choice but to carry her back to the resort so she can sleep soundly.


what she loved about our whole boratay (she’s bulol with the ‘k’ sound) stay is the night life! yes, she went partying with her dad and titas while i was left in bed haha! too bad, i don’t have photos to show.

it doesn’t matter though, because i know that despite the icky sand, she did have a great time under the sun! and on our last day on the island, with constant prodding, she finally walked on the shore, smiling!


baby steps. see you again, soon, boratay!


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