toys, toys, and more toys!

when Sadie was still a baby, my husband and i thought she’s not gonna grow up with lots of toys since both of us weren’t fond of toys to begin with. but what do you know, she has amassed four crates of toys excluding the stuffed ones! and we live in a small two-bedroom house! she has spoilers for aunts, grandparents, and well-meaning relatives and friends who shower her with toys. of course, we’re utterly thankful but there are days when i feel like we need to part with some of them to make room for new ones!


the thing with Sadie is, she seems to know all her toys. she might not be paying attention to a certain toy now but just when i’m about to keep it out of sight she would suddenly look for it. and this happens all.the.time. she wants to see all her toys but does not exactly bother to play with them. and she loves to use certain toys for something other than its intended purpose.

case in point:


right now she’s eyeing a new obsession:

my cosy kitchen

it’s a good thing every toy store we’ve been to seems to have run out of stock! but i know we can’t really stall buying her this that much longer. the other day while watching toys on YouTube, she suddenly blurted out, “Mommy, anatagal naman oreder toy kitchen! Inis na ko!” yes, oh yes, she can be demanding.

we’re okay with her getting more toys – i believe toys fuel creativity. but we don’t have enough space to accommodate all her trinkets so i’m in a bind. i wanted to give away her baby toys and just keep the ones that she often uses BUT i couldn’t. just the other night she suddenly wanted her shape sorter! i keep telling her that the only way i would allow her to get new ones is to get rid of old ones but how can i argue with this: “Mommy, gusto ko lahat! Love ko ‘yan lahat toys! I love you, toys!”

and my husband isn’t helping because well, he has a point, our two-year-old tyrant’s toys are mostly presents and expensive ones at that.

seems like one day we’ll find ourselves sleeping in a bed full of toys!



3 thoughts on “toys, toys, and more toys!

  1. My daughter too is obsessed with this My Cosy Kitchen.Have you seen it available anywhere? I would like to find it for her before Christmas but I have had no luck in finding it. She just continuosly wants to watch the ad on youtube. Thanks and Sadie is so cute.

    • Hi, David! we had a hard time getting hold of this toy but luckily on one of our random trips to SM MOA, we found one at Toy Kingdom! It was the last piece though and I”m not sure if they have restocked since. You might want to try because they used to have it on their site – although you have to wait for its availability. I hope you find one for your daughter. 🙂

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