happy halloween!

it’s been ages since i last posted something here. šŸ™‚ it surprises me that some kind souls still drop by from time to time.

the little tyrant is sick as i’m typing this – fever, sore throat (from too much sweets, i’m guessing), cough, and colds! and the mommy’s dead-tired from staying up all night to look after her. no complaints, though.

Sadie’s now in senior nursery. we enrolled her last june and so far, we couldn’t be any prouder. šŸ™‚ the thing i like the most about her school is that they really make an effort to make learning a fun and adventurous ride for the kids. every week, they come up with themes to make their lessons more fun for the kids.

as expected, their last hoorah before sembreak was the halloween party! they asked the kids to come in “homemade” costumes. they can show up scary, cute, whatever they fancy.

you know how it is when kids are asked to come to school dressed up in a given theme – parents go gaga trying to outdo each other hahaha! i am not really creative, i pretty much suck in that department. but luckily, my mother-in-law is an exceptional seamstress. so each time Sadie needs a costume, you can bet we’re gonna rock it (excuse the yabang)!

so for halloween, i initially thought of just making her wear something scary – you know, make her look as gory as possible. zombie is all the rage these days anyway. but the tiny tyrant hates blood and gore so we needed plan b.

and plan be was to show up looking really cute. no fairy stuff for my daughter, though. so why not whip up something cuter – dress her up like food! i thought of dressing her as a hamburger but my MIL wasn’t cool with it (mahirap daw.)

after scouring the net for inspiration, i thought – why not dress her as a starbucks frap?

and so, we went to buy a mocha-colored fabric and an off- white fluffy one, too. we had the mocha made into a sheath dress and the ecru into ruffles.

the result is this:

my little frappuccino


she rocked it! she won “most creative costume” in school and i couldn’t be prouder.Ā  the dad said the teacher told him all her classmates were “sipping” her! hahaha! so cute!

on friday i’m taking her to starbucks to have her photo take with real baristas! šŸ™‚

frap on the loose!

oh, before my MIL turned that dress into the frap dress, it became her “little mommy” costume!

dual purpose!

little mommy


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