villain no. 2: lola doctor

at birth, Sadie weighed 4.5 lbs! yes, that tiny. and no, she’s not a preemie. prior to giving birth, we were already told that she’s gonna be uhm, not that big, so my OB and i decided it’s better to get a pediatrician who specializes in low birth weight¬† babies. since i don’t really know … Continue reading

no longer a baby

she learned to walk on her own when she was about 9 months old but until now i’m still too scared to let go. a few weeks ago, we bought her walking wings because you know, we can’t shake it off–we won’t risk having her fall, stub her toe, bruise her knees–yeah, we’re sissies. but … Continue reading

when the nanny is bored…

the baby gets cornrowed! the nanny loves to tinker with Sadie’s hair and i let her because this mom knows nothing about fixing her child’s hair–she couldn’t even fix hers! and yes, when the baby is bored, she tinkers with my ideapad.

i couldn’t ask for more

she has always been a happy baby. a tiny, happy baby.¬† when she was about 5 days old, she kept ‘smiling’ at me that i squeal in delight every time she does! and each time, her kuya duy would look at me sternly and say, ‘it’s just gas.’ fast forward to today–she smiles, she grins, … Continue reading

villain no.1

For the past 12 months, we never really had problems giving Sadie her meds– you know, the usual multivitamins, vitamin C, and the occasional colds and cough drops. Lately however, she started freaking out each time we try to get her to take them. Before, gentle nudging does the work, ‘Daddy, di ba Sadie needs … Continue reading

Daddy’s Girl

When my OB exclaimed that our tiny tigress took after her dad the moment she pulled her out of my womb, I knew she’s gonna be a daddy’s girl. Back when she was in her first trimester and we were still staying at my nanay’s house in Ermita, she would only see her dad on … Continue reading